66 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

Anthony Ramos, Bo Burnham & F. Murray Abraham?

You will learn a LOT of new names on today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show. And we don't mean in the standard sense of Who? Weekly, we mean: Farrah Abraham's [presumed] middle name, the [actual] name on Luke Hemmings' birth certificate, and the name that's [surprisingly] not found on F. Murray Abraham's birth certificate. But wait, there's more! We also talk about Anthony Ramos and his fiancée, Bo Burnham and his girlfriend, three faces on the "front page" of Tiger Beat, and (drumroll please) how Frankie Grande proposed to his fiancé. (Also, THANK YOU to our Irish listeners for the very special readings.)

As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions comments and concerns and we may play your call on a future episode! And for a ton of bonus content, head to Patreon.com/WhoWeekly.

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