54 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

16: Tracy Allen Zornes

On Feb 19 2010, Tracy Zornes and some friends were hanging out drinking. Tracy left to see his girlfriend and when he came back, the apartment he was at was on fire. Tracy, avoiding a previous warrant for burglary, fled. Two weeks later he was arrested and charged in the stabbing, beating and arson murder of his friends Megan Londo and John Cadotte. Years later, a cop and a PI discovered evidence that Tracy, a Native American from a nearby reservation, did not commit the crime, and they know who did. They believe Tracy was railroaded because of long-standing bias against Native Americans in the region and country. Learn more about Tracy's case and how to help:https://ww.change.org/tracy-allen-zornesFor more information and a complete list of sources for this episode, visit: https://www.unjustandunsolved.com/Join us on Patreon to support the show and access exclusive content:patreon.com/unjustandunsolved
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