50 minutes | Aug 27, 2021

Bonus - Georgia Williams: The Snuff Film Maker Down the Street

In this second instalment of our promise to deliver two bonus episodes after we won GOLD at the British Podcast Awards, we cover the heartbreaking case of Georgia Williams.  Georgia was a high-achieving and kind teenager who was always willing to help those who asked, and her killer knew this. 23-year-old Jamie Reynolds had an obsession with violent pornography and snuff movies. In May 2013 he used Georgia's good nature against her and eventually guilted the 16-year-old into coming over to his parents' house to take part in a "fake murder" photoshoot, that soon turned out to be all too real. UK TOUR 2021 - new dates added! Get your tickets here: https://linktr.ee/RedHandedthepod Become a patron: Patreon MERCH: redhandedshop.com Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel: YouTube - Subscribe Pre-order a copy of the book here (US & Canada): Signed copies - US & Canada Pre-order on Wellesley Books Pre-order on Amazon.com Pre-order a copy of the book here (UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus): Signed copies - UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus Pre-order on Amazon.co.uk Pre-order on Foyles Follow us on social media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Visit our website: Website Contact us: Contact
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