89 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

214: Episode 214: Jodi Jones: Murder in Midlothian

On the 3rd of June 2003, 14-year-old Jodi Jones ran home from school and begged her mum Judith to let her go out. Eventually, mum relented and Jodi rushed out saying she was off to meet her boyfriend, a local 14-year-old boy Luke Mitchell. 6 hours later Jodi's naked, mutilated body was found in the woods just a mile from her house, by the very same boy.  UK TOUR 2021 - new dates added! Get your tickets here: https://linktr.ee/RedHandedthepod Book: https://linktr.ee/RedHanded_Book Patreon: patreon.com/redhanded Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel: YouTube - Subscribe Pre-order a copy of the book here (US & Canada): Signed copies - US & Canada Pre-order on Wellesley Books Pre-order on Amazon.com Pre-order a copy of the book here (UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus): Signed copies - UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus Pre-order on Amazon.co.uk Pre-order on Foyles Follow us on social media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Sources: Website Contact us: Contact
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