91 minutes | Aug 26, 2021

210: Episode 210 - Shamima Begum: ISIS & The Bethnal Green 3 - Part 2

This week Suruthi and Hannah head into a place widely regarded as one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East right now - the notorious al-Hawl camp. It's where, in 2019, a British journalist found an 18-year-old, 9-month pregnant Shamima Begum. Soon after this discovery, Shamima Begum would have her British citizenship revoked, leaving her stateless in the desert hell-hole. In the concluding episode of this series, the girls discuss how ISIS used religion to justify sex slavery, the fall of the so-called caliphate and what should be done with individuals like Shamima Begum. Documentary recommendation: Sabaya  Donate to support Afghanistan: https://www.msf.org/ https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/afghanistanappeal https://www.afghanaid.org.uk/ https://www.iwmf.org/2021/08/iwmf-calls-for-urgent-support-of-women-journalists-in-afghanistan/ https://support.womenforwomen.org/donate/afghanistan-emergency-2x-match?src=HHUA21082A UK TOUR 2021 - new dates added! Get your tickets here: https://linktr.ee/RedHandedthepod Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel: YouTube - Subscribe Pre-order a copy of the book here (US & Canada): Signed copies - US & Canada Pre-order on Wellesley Books Pre-order on Amazon.com Pre-order a copy of the book here (UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus): Signed copies - UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus Pre-order on Amazon.co.uk Pre-order on Foyles Follow us on social media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Visit our website: Website Contact us: Contact
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