36 minutes | May 29, 2021

Either Side Eaters: Chicken or the Egg With Julie Nolke

New-Yorker-for-life Jen keeps her eggs in her fridge; Katie, who's now in Puglia, used to but now doesn't—as per her Egg Guy's (yup) recommendation. We look at which cultures chill vs. not, what makes an egg brown or white (and orange-yolked!), if a "proper" omelet even exists, and consult very special guest, Canadian actress and comedian Julie Nolke on her breakfast feelings.Check out Julie's vids on YouTube, or follow her @julienolke on Instagram and @juliemarienolke on Twitter.Special thanks to Michelle (@Michelle_MadisonTV) for your question and Brian Quinn (@bqfunk) for our theme music. Send us a voice memo for a chance to be featured! Find more Either Side Eaters episodes here. 
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