133 minutes | Apr 27, 2022

NFL Draft With Todd McShay & Steven Cheah, Ja Morant Is A Killer And Introducing KennysHands.com

The Timberwolves stay cursed as Ja Morant sucks their soul out of their chest. (00:02:41-00:10:19) The Heat finish off a terrible Trae Young performance and the Hawks. (00:10:25-00:20:44) We recap Monday night and the completion of the Whomp Bet live from Brooklyn. (00:22:11-00:39:54) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a Brand New Website KennysHands.com in defense of our guy Kenny Pickett. (00:39:55-00:57:20) Todd McShay joins the show to break down the draft, give us an answer on where current Tom Brady would be drafted, and tons more draft talk. (00:58:43-01:35:47) And we finish the show with Guys on Picks with Steven Cheah. (01:37:22-02:09:07)
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