45 minutes | Jul 26, 2021

Gisele Bündchen ON: How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety Through Meditation

Gisele Bündchen sits down with Jay Shetty to talk about her passion for being in tune with nature. She shares how she encourages open communication with her children, appreciating nature as it is while learning to appreciate our own value, and the healing benefits of incorporating meditation in your daily routine.

Gisele Bündchen is a mother, author, philanthropist, and global environmentalist. Over the years, Gisele has faced a number of challenges, and credits meditation with helping her live a more conscious and joyful life, insights that she shares in her New York Times bestselling book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life. As a longtime meditation practitioner, Gisele believes we are all divine beings, and that when we quiet our minds, we will find that most of the answers we seek are inside us.

What We Discuss with Gisele:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:45 Seeing your family after a long time
  • 06:22 Our parents are also trying to figure it all out
  • 10:49 We are nature, we aren’t separate from it
  • 14:30 Everything about nature is a gift
  • 18:46 To appreciate nature, you must live like a child
  • 21:21 Meditation is a precious tool for depression and anxiety
  • 24:23 Becoming a mother is a rebirth of yourself
  • 27:08 Force is never the way, leading by example is the way
  • 29:35 Hope In Times Of Uncertainty
  • 35:20 Starting a meditation routine
  • 40:20 Gisele on Final Five

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