47 minutes | Oct 20, 2021

7. How Can I Have a Great Sex Life? With Dr. Alex Katehakis

Sex therapist Dr. Alex Katehakis started studying sex in her 30s, after years of struggling to build and maintain romantic relationships. Her early work in the field of sex addiction helped her to work through her own sexual issues and to understand healthy sexuality in new ways, including busting the myth that “penetrative sex is the end all, be all to sex and sexuality.” This episode’s practice is about learning to talk about sex—with ourselves, our partners and our kids—and how these conversations can lead to better sex.    Want to connect? Join the New Day Facebook Group!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/newdaypod   Resources from the show Read“Sexual Reflections: A Workbook for Designing and Celebrating Your Sexual Health Plan” by Dr. Katehakis  Listen to The Alex Katehakis Podcast  For more information on sex and sexuality, check out the Center for Healthy Sex website - https://centerforhealthysex.com  Click this link for a list of current sponsors and discount codes for this show and all Lemonada shows go to lemonadamedia.com/sponsors.   Did you try one of these weekly practices? We want to hear about it! Call 833-4-LEMONADA (833-453-6662) or email us newday@lemonnadamedia.com    To follow along with a transcript and/or take notes for friends and family, go to lemonadamedia.com/show/newday/ shortly after the air date.   Follow Claire on IG and FB @clairebidwellsmith or Twitter @clairebidwell and visit her website: www.clairebidwellsmith.com   Stay up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @LemonadaMedia.    Joining Lemonada Premium is a great way to support our show and get bonus content. Subscribe today at bit.ly/lemonadapremium   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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