30 minutes | May 20, 2021

Brittany Howard: Seeing the South (Seeing Yourself)

“How does the South inform my music? How do I describe the sound that your bare feet make when they pat the cool, packed red dust under them?” In her music and her writing, Brittany Howard has tapped something elusive: the feeling of the south. It’s contradictions, it’s pain, and its beauty. In this episode, Adia sits down with rock legend and longtime lead singer of the Alabama Shakes Brittany Howard to talk about getting down to the feelings below her lyrics, being unapologetic about where you come from, and who you are. Brittany asked Adia to make a playlist for this episode with her mom, Miss Jackie, so that’s exactly what we did. As always, you can hear the music that accompanies this show on Sonos Radio and Mixcloud, and we hope you will. This one’s a real treat. Visit www.mixcloud.com/sonos for the playlist curated for this week's episode. /Music In This Week's Playlist/ Al Jarreau, One Good TurnSoul For Real, Candy RainBasia, Run For CoverFiona Apple, Get GoneMarvin Gaye, Inner City Blues Nirvana, All ApologiesLaBelle, Lady, MarmaladeKings of Leon, Four Kicks/Show Notes/Brittany Howard’s essay, The South Just Has a Thang, is in the Oxford American winter 2020 issue. Brittany Howard’s debut solo album is Jamie. 
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