20 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

My Covid Journey, I thought it was the flu at first...Symptoms, Recovery, Getting Vaccinated

First of all sincere apologies to everyone tuning in to this episode for my horrible sounding voice, I had a tough time hearing myself(had to for editing purposes) and since the Podcast is only in audio format (atleast for now) it was not a pleasant listen, I do hope the content somewhat makes up for the audio. While I sounded like I had a bad cold(I did not, was still coming out of Co-vid) in this episode, I am pleased to inform that I have completely recovered and also received my first dose of the Astrazaneca vaccine. My personal belief especially having gone thru Co-vid is that one should look into options such as vaccination to give themselves the best opportunity to fight the virus and while I had terrible symptoms for a day post the vaccine, that is a small price to pay against this unforgiving Global virus. While I count myself extremely fortunate to not have any breathing issues or require hospitalization, it still was a bit of a worrisome time and especially the loss of taste and smell hit me quite hard. Morning coffee is an integral part of my waking up process for all my Adult life and to not enjoy the taste and aroma was quite depressing at that time. Luckily it wasn’t very long before I got my taste back and I touch upon that in this Episode which was also the day I felt more energetic after almost ten days of feeling extremely fatigued. I hope this is the last time that I do the Podcast without any Guests, I am feeling great and extremely motivated and ready to release some amazing content with some amazing guests. Stay tuned and if you have any feedback or comments, reach out to me directly at rohan@betterthanpeter.com  Stay safe everyone and Enjoy the Episode
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