29 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

Episode 11 - Alice Gu, Director of The Donut King

In this Episode, Director Alice Gu takes us thru an incredible journey when she made 'The Donut King' which is available to view on various platforms including Amazon Prime and more recently even aboard American Air. The film has been covered in the press by publications including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NY Times to name a few. In the 1980s, at their peak 90% of all Donut shops in California were run by Cambodians, How you might ask? Even Dunkin Donuts didn't stand a chance Cambodian refugee Ted Ngoy builds a multi million dollar empire by baking America's favorite pastry - the donut. But the story is much more than just that. The story shows Ted living the American dream but behind that was escaping Genocide, being dirt poor, fighting for his love, marrying his love, sponsoring Cambodian refugees and setting them up with the Donut business and than the dark side of his gambling addiction and losing it all. This is truly Hollywood stuff, Enjoy the first of the two part episodes where host Rohan talks with Alice
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